BHP Billiton Announces Offer of 3.4 BHP Billiton Shares per Rio Tinto Share to Create the World’s Premier Diversified Resources Company

The Board of BHP Billiton today announced an offer for all of the shares in Rio Tinto Limited and Rio Tinto plc. The combination of BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto will create the world’s premier diversified natural resources company with a unique opportunity to unlock value for shareholders.

Executive Management Team

Hank Venter
CEO/President of MIAS.
He is the founder of the MIAS Group.  He has over twenty five years of experience in the mining industry and international trading. He has owned and managed several Farming, Manufacturing (BrickTile, PurePlastics, ImpiToys)Property Investment (EdenMail, RochProp, MagMed, BoyantProp, Lanzerac, mining and exporting companies. Founded Taxico, South-Africa's fasted growing Black Taxi financing arm in the early 90's with Allied Bank.

Turned Georgia Granit (Atlanata) and Granitop (Dallas,TX) around in the USA, joined MarblEdge (Palm Beach FI.) and rescued the Atlantas Casino Granite project for them.

MiIAS USA Inc. then went on to do explorations and project management for the granite industry in the USA. Ventured into the explorations and minning industry of Iron Ore, MN ore and Coal since 2000


Martiens Mulder
Consulting Mining Expert.

Over 35 years of experience in the mining and steel industry. He is the former CEO of Kumba’s Saldanna Steel, one of the largest iron ore mining and export operations in the world. His vast experience in mining operations and exports is supplemented by his experience in mining technology and mining projects. He has been involved in the design and commissioning of many mining projects in South Africa.

                         Mr. Mulder has regularly consulted for MIAS in Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and South-Africa.

Udom A.Pakkasem

Since 1970, he had been accumulately long 39 years experience participated promote on and perfomed works in the Banking and heavy industries businesses e.g. BBC,KDB, Cement industry & IFC(World Bank) the 1st Newsprint Paper Industry Project in Asia linked in consulting & marketing field of newsprint paper, cement and pvc products totally with great successfulness in Thailand and Overseas.