BHP Billiton Announces Offer of 3.4 BHP Billiton Shares per Rio Tinto Share to Create the World’s Premier Diversified Resources Company

The Board of BHP Billiton today announced an offer for all of the shares in Rio Tinto Limited and Rio Tinto plc. The combination of BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto will create the world’s premier diversified natural resources company with a unique opportunity to unlock value for shareholders.


                                             About MIAS

The MIAS Group of Companies (MIAS) consists of independent companies strategically located in selected markets throughout the world.  Hank Venter (aka Hankie) is the founder of the MIAS Group of Companies.MIAS Minerals SA (Pty) Ltd was established in 1975 in South Africa for mining coal,granite and exporting granite blocks. MIAS USA Inc. was established 1995 with mining concessions and prospects in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and Arizona, USA.

MIAS USA is located in Atlanta, Georgia and provides corporate financial, technical and trading support to MIAS’ Regional Business Units. MIAS Asia Limited with headquarters in Hong Kong was established to facilitate the financial transactions and trade of Minerals throughout Asia.

MIAS Minerals Investments and Services Pvt. Ltd has been established in India with offices in Goa and Vizag to source iron ore from selected suppliers, 8 Point Exports de Mexico SA de CV in Mexico and both were sold off during 2008 to strategic management and investors.

MIAS is currently launching its new Business Units in Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia. MIAS has Sales Representatives in China, Indonesia, India and Thailand.

   MIAS’ Core Business Activities:

  • Trading of Minerals
  • Exploring and Prospecting Mine Reserves
  • Mining Logistics and Operations
  • Mining of our own and JV's mines. (Fe, Mn, Cu and Coal)

MIAS’ Strength lies in its management’s experience in mineral consulting,International trading, mineral explorations, mining and international mining operations, business acumen, contacts, relationships and its integrity,

   MIAS’ Value Proposition to Customer

  • Identifying and sourcing minerals and services that are performance driven and cost effective
  • Offering Long Term Cost Effective Solutions for the Supply of iron ore and other minerals
  • Offering Competitive Prices for iron ore and other minerals on a FOB, CFR and CIF or as per customer requirements.

   MIAS’ Value Proposition to Strategic Partners:

1989 first coal mine S-Africa-  Workers & Corrie Mr Venter's first mine in SA 1989- Bakkie bt Myn

  • Opportunity to participate in Global Markets by leveraging our expertise and International Network

    MIAS’ Value Proposition to Suppliers:

  • Opportunity to supply on a long term basis at competitive prices by leveraging MIAS’s Team operational expertise and logistic support.
  • Provide efficient and effective services to our Global customers.

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   Hank Venter

Hank Venter is President of MIAS USA  Inc.  Before venturing to the United States, he was a successful businessman in South Africa as CEO and leader of more than 25 companies and was involved in several family-owned and operated companies.  Hank has extensive knowledge in large-scale corporate management and has experience in farming, manufacturing, mining, distribution and services companies.

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